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04 Mar 2014

            Pine-Pacific Corporation has strived to introduce more on the equipment and tools for foundry’s demand.  A couple of years earlier we have introduced our sophisticated shell core machine in which we cooperate with our Japanese partner and have manufactured locally in Thailand.  This year 2014, we would like to introduce the Foundry Gate Breaker from Holmatro (Holland) who is the master of hydraulic system for the heavy industrial application.

            The Holmatro gate breaker was developed to remove feeders and riser in which could be used both of cast iron and SG casting.  Their design is such that feeders and risers can be removed from casting quickly and safely without damaging the casting itself.  The system is consisted of a foundry wedge, pump, balancer and service set. 

            Ergonomics Design

           Holmatro Gate Breaker system was designed on emphasizing to the ergonomic aspect.  The unit could be completely rotated.  The operator can reach almost any feeder and riser without repositioning the casting in which unnecessary heavy handling is avoided.  Ergonomic design significantly reduces the physical burden on work force, which obviously results in a more efficient production process.

            Positioning of the Gate Breaker

1)      Suspension point 1, positions for work horizontally,

2)      Suspension point 2, using with the angular position.

3)      Suspension point 3, vertical position could be supplied upon request.

            Quick and easy to use

             The wedge blades are durable and can be replaced very quickly.  No tools are needed, only a few simple operations are sufficient to replace the blades within 30 seconds. 

             HYDRAULIC PUMP

             Holmatro designs the pump to work at lowest pressure (200/20 bar/Mpa) but giving a very high speed working cycle.  Consequently, when operate at lower pressure, all relevant parts in the pump could work longer and lower maintenance cost.

              Reducing the damage of the Casting

              Due to the design of the pump at 200 bar maximum and the hydraulic flow could work at high velocity, therefore the blades could be spread smoothly in which subsequently reducing the damage area on the casting.

               Selection and the way to use

               Pine-Pacific staffs are pleased to provide all the necessary information as well as will assist customers on how to select the right model to suite the right application.


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