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16 Mar 2011
Europe has taken Leader of Green Energy


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               Reference to statistic from installation together with number of Solar Photovaltaic Plant and Wind Power Plant from past till 2010, apparently Europe dominated the green energy usage if compare with other countries.

               In year 2010 the Solar Photovoltaic Plant increased 40 GW or 70% from 23 GW in year 2009.  In European country there are installation about 13 GW, Germany and Italy are among the biggest by installing 7GW and 3 GW respectively.  Other European country such as Czech Republic (1.3 GW), France (0.5 GW), Spain (0.4 GW), Belgium (0.25) and Greeze (0.2). Other countries outside Europe who are the big installer such as Japan (1 GW), USA (0.8 GW) and China (0.4 GW).              




               The European also have dominated the most installation of Wind Power Plant, however, will have less portion if compare with the Solar Photovoltaic.  The countries outside Europe such as USA, China and India have also a big portion in use of Wind Energy.

              In report of recent year there are the increasing of Off-Shore Wind Plant installation about 51% by UK and Denmark.

             The comparison to choose sun or wind energy, the sun energy will have slightly more advantage in term of abundant sun light source.  Also the less maintenance cost for the equipment as well as the silence during operation.  In contrary the installation of Wind Power Plant to produce the electricity has to study carefully on the speed of the wind, the most efficient wind speed should be strong averagely 11-13 miles per hour (6 meter per second).   




By  Phetchai Tirapornsanti

Shareholder of Foundry in Thailand
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