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10 Jan 2011
Fading of Cupola furnace in the foundry of Thailand


                    Recently many cupola foundries in Thailand change to the induction furnace according to many factors changed in the foundry business and to develop the production range and casting quality by the owner to match with the modern of foundry market.

                    The main factor that affect to less cupola foundry is Foundry coke, the price is very fluctuation but actually it always trend to has increasing price. Also the foundry coke quality is worse more than former, therefore many foundry mans had decided to the induction furnace and adapt to their new strategy.

                    The main source of foundry coke that consume in Thailand is come from China and the production capacity of foundry coke in China is reducing recently due to less of good  raw materials (coal) and the Chinese government policy of pollution control. Now the production of foundry coke is limited by the coal quality namely the good coal will produce to the good quality of foundry coke, Ash content less than 10 %. If the bad quality of coal, the foundry coke product also has bad quality, Ash content higher than 10% (metallurgical coke). Finally it is very difficult to find the good foundry coke from China with cheap price as in the past.

                    In Thailand also has the pollution control policy, especially in the city which is the residence area therefore many old cupola foundry in the city must move to outside, when they decide for the new foundry, the first logic is What is the suitable furnace at that moment  and further to their business?

                    As per the reason above the cupola foundry mans calculate the production cost compare between the cupola furnace and induction furnace. At the present they found that production cost of cupola furnace with the current coke price is expensive more than cost of production by induction furnace that they have alternative of operating either day time and night time depend on the electricity cost and productivity requirement. Moreover with the induction furnace they have wide range of casting production for FCD or steel casting etc. Then they decide to change from cupola furnace to induction furnace without hesitation.

                   This decade the cupola foundry in Thailand had decreased dramatically more than 50%, and it will decrease continuously, finally the cupola furnace in Thailand has difficulty to see   


Substitute of the foundry coke from China


                  As per the less production of foundry in China then they have the substitute product so call “ Electrode broken or Carbon Block” which made from Green coke same material as CPC.  At this moment the users in Japan are in a lot of kinds of foundry filed: Toyota, Nissan, Kubota, Aisin group and others. Now these Japanese customers use this cargo as a normal material as Foundry coke in the cupola. The quality is confirmed and accepted by the customers.

The specification is as follows:

Ash:      2.0% max
VM:       1.5% max
Sulphur:  0.6%max
Moisture: 2.0% max
Fixed Carbon : balance
Size: as the customer's request

                  The Japanese customer introduced that the rate of Foundry coke/Ferro material shall decrease with using this cargo for the fixed carbon is higher than normal Foundry coke, and also it help to decrease the discharge of Carbon dioxide to the air. But they do not introduce how to adjust the mixture rate and the produce process. Maybe the rate of the mixture is about Foundry coke: Electrode Broken= 7:3, and the electrode broken may be used in the process of keeping warm.

                 The Carbon block is cheaper than Ash 8% Foundry coke, but a little higher than Ash 10% Foundry Coke. Because in Japan a lot of customer uses Ash 8% Foundry coke, then they may use this cargo as substitute of the Ash 8% Foundry coke. The Thailand customer may use it for they use Ash 9% and 10% Foundry coke normally.

                 At before we use the name "Electrode Broken" with HS No. 85451900, now may use the name "Carbon Block" with HS NO. 38019000.



By  Chana Ruengrungsri


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